24-hour news channels: Are they an antidote for insomnia?

Sleep deprived nights take me to places I rather stay away from. Insomnia fueled by neurosis usually provokes bile thoughts that occupy my otherwise healthy mind. Having 24-hour news in the background, while I tried to get a few wholesome hours of sleep, has worked for me in the past.  They knocked me right out.  That particular night was different.  After much tossing and turning, I closed my eyes and tuned into one of the nonstop news channels – where another round table regarding the 2012 Presidential Elections was taking place.  Facing away from the TV screen, I waited patiently until nature took its course.  As usual, I avoided making sense of the bickering between party surrogates.

I didn’t catch the name of the Democratic representative whom I easily recognized.  Obviously, my subconscious mind had materialized dream-like shadows and sounds into recognizable pieces.  And, almost in unison with the Democrat in the panel, I started to recite the over-used excuses regarding this country’s weak financial recovery.  Surprisingly, his litany took an unexpected turn and started digging deeper into details of what he called the worst financial crises since the Great Depression.  But, before he could go any further, the Republican representative objected vehemently;  pointing out Obama’s failure to return Americans back to full employment.

The Republican repeated the same slogan engraved in my brain: Our country need more jobs and no more empty promises of hope and change. His words still reeking of fake outrage, he added that the President and his administration were responsible for $15 Trillion Dollars in debt.

The Republican’s voice started fading away, dragging me into deeper unconsciousness.  All of a sudden –  from an unknown level of cognizance –  I heard, “Obama has proven to be one of the worse presidents ever.” Startled, I woke up from the warmth of darkness screaming at the TV.  “Is he worse than Harding and George Bush? Is he, really?”  Furious, I waited from someone on the table to respond.  Unfortunately, the Democrat did not rebuttal.  And, the moderator switched the subject, once again –  while examining the ever-changing polls.  The “debate” continued on, leaving me awake, empty, and frustrated.

I realized where my sense of hopelessness got ignited.  I have been a passive spectator who, after long exposure to useless discussions, was left gravitating in the dawn in a state of pseudo reality.  I have been a silent accomplice of numerous panels filled with different participants; all of who ignored any attempt of substantive debate.  The media made Democrat vs. Republican paired against one another a regular formula. They gathered around the same talking points, pushed one another to opposite sites, and blurred issues to unrecognizable levels of significance.  The tenacity of news cycles to oversimplify complex issues not only feeds the public’s apathy, but it prevents participation.  Audiences are pushed further into a prolonged state of lethargy.

The seeds of dissatisfaction had been planted in my mind.  The inertia of the 24 hour news cycle will no longer cuddle my dreams, again. Insomnia will reign free many nights to come until November 6th.

Oh, Jon Stewart, I need your satire to sing me a lullaby!

Nancy E. Kazar was born in Quito, Ecuador.  Coming to this world as the eighth child of nine had great advantages.  It instilled in her the importance of sharing; while  allowing her to develop individuality.  Her view and awareness of the world was shaped by her upbringing and the people gravitating in it.  Nancy’s most precious memories were of a house filled with music, laughs, and performances of all kinds. She inherited – like the two sides of her brain – her father’s bohemian spirit and curiosity, as well as her mother’s strength and innate business savvy.  Propelled by lack of opportunities and curiosity, Nancy left her native land.  She traveled around the world – taking temporary residence in Toronto, New Orleans, and New York.  Shortly after becoming a US citizen, she settled down with her family in Los Angeles.  While working full-time and raising her daughter, she attended school.  She graduated from California State University Northridge, where she obtained  a double major in Finance and International Business.  Subsequently, she attained a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.  Nancy is a high achiever, who continues to break barriers and glass ceilings.

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